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Why lose sight of your home?
Why not make money from your investment?

Of one thing I am now certain, a property is like a teenager: it needs attention, always. If you lose sight of it, you do not control who attends it and you are not attentive to the particular risks of making a disaster. 

For the kids I can do little, for your home something more.



When you are not in Antigua your property can be rented out entirely or partially for short or medium periods generating extra income for you. 

In addition, a house that is inhabited and constantly controlled, intervening promptly on problems, remains alive and welcoming. 

I personally take care of the periodic inspections and management of the activities necessary to keep your home in perfect order.


What will we do?

When we have met and have decided to entrust on our management, we will insert on our site a page dedicated to your property including photos, video footage (also with drone) and in-depth descriptions of the environments available to guests. 

On the page it will also be possible to view the calendar of availability that we have agreed and the prices requested.

Our guest can contact us to learn more about the information or book directly the period of his interest by paying the deposit directly online.

We will welcome him on your behalf upon arrival, we will be with him for check-in operations, we will assist him during his stay and we will greet him on his departure. 

At that point we will take care of cleaning everything up and making the house ready again for new arrivals.

All you have to do is contact for an appointment, even online, so that we can show you the possible solutions.

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